The Ledge Radio Show was started by accident, almost divine intervention, perhaps dumb luck.  Sitting in their office one day arguing over politics, JD (Jeremy D) and Smitty (Steven Smith) were entertaining an advertising agent named Kristian Lodge who was attempting to sell them some advertising, when Kristian said, “hey, I might have something for you two”.  That’s where it started…  From that point forward, JD and Smitty were a work in progress, not an overnight success by any means.  JD was the “far right Constitutional Conservative” and Smitty was the “left leaning, union loving liberal” on Beasley Broadcasting’s flag ship station, 96K-Rock.  The guys ate, drank, and slept politics.  The show went on for a year with gained success.  By the time they left K-Rock The Ledge Radio Show w/ JD and Smitty was the number one time block for males 18-45, although they had frequent female callers.  The show was blazing and bound for stardom but Beasley Broadcasting was changing the station format, and The Ledge wasn’t part of the change.  K-Rock went from “all talk” to music again, which would leave The Ledge all alone.  The year was bitter and led to infighting with JD and Smitty.  So much so, that Smitty didn’t even talk politics anymore.  To this day, the outgoing Smitty of old is less talkative and more subdued.  Enter stage left – Big Johnson Studios!  Big Johnson Studios was built in the latter part of 2013 and is the new home of The Ledge Radio Show w/ JD.  Trypod Bill is still the executive producer and without him none of this would be possible.  JD is still the lead host and routinely has special co-hosts join him for debate.  The new show streams in live HD audio/ video and is entertaining to say the least.  Check it out!


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